What is Worship Lab?

This summer Crestview will be converting the 8:30 service into a new format.  The 8:30 service during the summer will become Worship Lab - a worship laboratory for experimental worship experiences.  Embracing worship practices both new and ancient, Worship Lab seeks to make everyone in attendance an active participant in the worship experience!  Scroll down to see the schedule for this summer's Worship Lab!

Worship Lab Schedule

Every Sunday will include communion as the anchor for the service.  From there, the worship experiences will be as follows:

June 10—Making and Using Prayer Beads*

  Prayer beads are most commonly affiliated with the Roman Catholic tradition of praying the rosary.  However, there is a long tradition of using shorter prayer beads in the Anglican tradition as well.  We will make Anglican prayer beads and practice using them.  Everyone will go home with a set of prayer beads and a booklet of prayers to use with prayer beads.

June 17—Neighborhood Prayer Walk*

   Prayer walks have been tradition throughout the history of Christianity.  Weather permitting, after provided instructions on the practice of prayer walks, everyone will be invited to go on their own prayer walk.  For those for whom mobility is an issue and in case of inclement weather, additional instructions will be offered on an in-the-building prayer walk.  We will gather back together towards the end of worship to reflect on this experience as a community.

Jun 24—Taize

    Taize is the singing of distinctive and repetitive prayer chants during worship.  The music highlights simple phrases that are repeated or sung.  The phrases are usually taken from scripture, especially the Psalms.  The repetition is designed to help meditation and prayer.  This practice of meditative singing as prayer goes back centuries in the history of the church.

July 1— Painted Prayer*

   Ever heard of one of those trendy places where you can drink wine and paint with friends?  This is sort of like that, minus the wine, plus grape juice for communion.  Those attending will be presented with scripture and  invited to paint from the inspiration from the Bible.  Even if you feel you have no artistic ability, do you remember how much fun it was to use finger paints as a child?  Channel that childhood fun into a spiritual journey.

July 8 - Guided Meditation

   Guided meditation is a common practice outside of the church as well as within.  Many leadership and corporate seminars teach guided meditation as a means for relaxation and stress relief.  Those in worship on this Sunday will be invited to find a comfortable position to sit or lie in, and then they will be led through a series of meditations.  This guided meditation will be led with an eye towards our spiritual life as Christians and our relationship with the Divine.

July 15—Sculpting Scripture*

   A truly hands-on worship experience.  A passage of scripture will be read, and those in worship will be invited to use the clay and materials provided to sculpt their own vision of the passage.  Reflecting on our sculptures will be part of the service.  No artistic ability is required and people of all skill levels can have a lot of fun with this service; if you've ever enjoyed playing with Play-Doh, this service is for you.

July 22—Prayer Mandalas I*

   A special guest will lead the Mandala worship services.  Mandalas are used as a practices across multiple religious traditions, and usually consist of a circular repetition of various patterns.  We will learn about the Christian practice of creating mandalas as an act of prayer.  Materials will be provided for everybody to begin their own mandalas.  Once again, no artistic talent is needed to enjoy this activity.

July 29—Prayer Mandalas II*

  Because mandalas are such an intricate practice, a second week diving into the prayer mandalas will be offered.  Those in attendance will be invited to reflect on their experience in prayer through the making of their own mandala, and will be invite to further work on their mandalas and color them in.

August 5—???


August 12— Stations of the Cross

   Stations of the Cross is also an ancient practice across the universal church.  While many older churches and cathedrals have stations of the cross built into their architecture or on display as permanent artwork in their building, for our purposes, pictures will be hung around the sanctuary remember the last 24 hours of the life of Christ.  A scripture guide and prayer guide will help us walk through the experience of the crucifixion together.  While this service is most commonly practiced on Good Friday, its practice is not limited to the liturgical year.

August 19—Breakfast Church*

   The first churches that gathered in the first century at a meal, discussed their faith, and might have sung a few songs.  There were no sermons and there were no glorious sanctuaries.  Crestview will gather together around the table to break bread together, and various themes of faith will be discussed. 

August 26—Worship Collages*

   Various materials will be offered in this worship experience to create a piece that represents your spiritual journey.  Because this is simply cut-and-paste, it is an excellent medium for people of all art ability levels.  A similar, but more simplified spiritual prompt, will be offered to children who attend this service.

September 2—Prayer Labyrinth*

   Prayer labyrinths are ancient Christian traditions.  Many monasteries and camps around the world have a built-in labyrinth on their grounds.  Crestview will be borrowing a portable prayer labyrinth from another UMC and setting it up in the fellowship hall.  A labyrinth is essentially a maze, and those who participate will be invited to pray as they walk the course of the maze.  (For those with mobility challenges, an additional labyrinth option will be offered on paper.)

* Kids are always welcome at all services and events at Crestview!  However, Pastor Kara has asterisked the dates on which she believes children will connect strongly with the activity for the day.